Baby swim

11Baby swim – Developmental swimming for infants from 1 month to 3 years:

Eden pool – is proud to be one of the popular places of baby swim, which has become fashionable all over the world and popular among parents of infants

It is known that a newborn baby during the first twenty-four hours retains its ability to survive in an aqueous medium in the amniotic fluid. This reflex disappears a few months after birth if not preserve it.
In the pool Edenteach to preserve this reflex,as a part of experiencefor parents and babies, and develop through it and through enjoyment the parent infant relationship, development of lungs, improves motor skills,development of concentration and self-confidence.
Shimon Eyal notes: "I am proud to note that in the pool Eden developmental swimming for infants is at the highest level in Israel and trains by world's most advanced method”.
And other highlights: "As part of the activity we place special emphasis on the promotion and development of the child according to his physiological and developmental stage where he is".

Method and activity:

This activityis conducted in courses of 12 lessons each cycle.

Eachlesson lasts 45 minutes,

Free trial lesson – free of charge and without obligation!!

Instructor makes exercises with each child individually, according to his age, developmental stage he is, and personal ability of each child, teaches parents and22 passes them skills, that practice with their child and then instructor proceeds to another child.

In each lesson, there are up to 8 infants in the pool, except afternoon hours and Fridays which are more crowdedand there are two instructors in the water. Between exercises parents communicate, play, and have a fun with their child. Note that this method is recommended for both parents to be in the water and do the exercises with your child. Exercises increase the level of difficulty from lesson to lesson, focusing on the promotion of the child's development.

With each step the baby feels freer, more confident and happy in a natural environment and reaches full independence in the water without any support, but under the supervision of parents.

The cost of the course is 950 shekels for 12 lessons that can be used half year from the first lesson of the course. When you arrive physically to the pool – registered lesson. You did not arrive – does not lost!!! You can change a day and time – by appointment, so that the activity is very flexible, convenient and tailored for parents and infants.