Aqua Yoga for pregnant women

44Special activities in the water for pregnant women and childbirth preparation. Aqua Yoga is a group activity in the water with an individual dynamic approach, based on yoga (breathing and postures) to improve mind-body connection, for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancyand for childbirth preparation.
– It is recommended for pregnant women to come with a partner to activity.

• Activity takes place in the water and we enjoy water effect and the positive influenceto the pregnant woman and herbaby (the buoyancy effect, water resistance, temperature, conductivity).
• This activity allows a physical and emotional interactionbetween pregnant women her baby and her partner.
• Active job that requires concentration, attention, perseverance.
• Challenging activities, impressive and fun.

• Improvement of movement potential, the half-hour activity in the watercorresponds to one and a half hour on land, feeling of lightness, strengthening self-esteem and satisfaction, joints’ opening and relaxation of pregnant woman, stress relieving.
• Mastered a series of exercises that you can perform then by yourself.
• Exercises in water normalize blood pressure and hormone levels, as well as, in most cases, contribute to the correction of incorrect presentation of the fetus.
• Integration of operations simultaneously pregnant and babies – enjoyable and contributes to strong impression.
• Water activity contributes to the strengthening of interpersonal communication (trust, intimacy, attention and understanding).
• Running Primitive reflexes during practice, helps to development of the baby and growth.

Parents are invited with their baby to aqueous activity that helps to continue the development of primitive reflexes and potential development of babiesstarting with two months (In the pool with salted waterunlike chlorine).